Top 12 Best Costume For Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Best Costume For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


Is the big day ahead? Are you at your wit’s end planning Best Costume For Pre-wedding Photoshoot? We know how much these days are vital and you are just perplexed what to pick and what not. Let’s help you with some tips on colour, patterns, and styles to look stunning from the photographer’s standpoint.  

The very first task to be done is to select the most efficient candid wedding photographers in Bangalore with a dynamic portfolio. Next, decide the indoor and outdoor location. A location like Gulbarga has several photoshoot locations. 

  • Nestled amidst arrant tranquillity Buddha Vihar inside Gulbarga University is one of the best locations.   
  • Gulbarga fort is no doubt the very popular tourist spot and photoshoot location. 
  • Chandrampalli Dam, escorted by the picturesque view of two mountains emerged as idyllic location. 

Now it’s time to finalizing your look. There is no substitute for your vibrant smile and romantic mood when you are with your loved one. They are the best accessories to turn the pre-wedding photographs into the best moments worth capturing forever.

But of course, we know all gorgeous ladies aren’t professional models to face the camera with the appealing pose. Here we are to help you decide pre-wedding shoot dresses. Before the wedding photography in Bangalore or other locations discuss about both of your look and costume to get more clarity on theme and seek expertise suggestion. 



How to dress for your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?


1. Choose attire considering the location and atmosphere

The pre-wedding photoshoot is the single time opportunity in your life to frame evergreen memories. Take a sneak-peak of the indoor and outdoor location costume to coordinate and balance with the surroundings. To have an iconic look that suits your personality

  • Avoid short sleeves and short trousers. Better not to try this even for the casual shoot to avoid distraction. 
  • Nonreflective lenses instead of eyeglasses or frames without lenses are helpful to warp the outline of your face.
  • Hairstyle must be simple, and off the face to avoid distracting shadows. Yellowred, the newborn photography sensation always recommends professional touch-up for hair and make –up for Pre-wedding shoot style.
  • The neckline of Pe-wedding and lifestyle photo-shoot outfit is equally important. Turtle neck or V neck Kurti or top is pleasing as it slim down your look effectively hiding your extra flesh above the waist.


2. Give priority to your comfort

Best Costume For Pre-wedding Photo Shoot must not be too loose or too tight. Give preference to your comfort first. You need to carry out the costume for hours. Discomfort due to scratchy materials, embellishing accessories on the fabric may enhance the stressed look. Prefer light wearing according to the weather.


3. Plan your costume according to activity

The pre-wedding costume must complement your body and enhance your iconic look. Some couples add extra sauce to their pre-wedding album by planning activities like dance, bachelor parties, dandia function, mehndi and sangeet ceremony. Events photographers in Bangalore capture every moment so that you don’t miss any of this treasure moments later in your life.

Traditional functions like Mehendi, sangeet can be shoot with traditional evergreen apparel like lehenga, salwar for the bride. And kurta or sherwani for the groom. 

You can decide western outfit like a suit, long gown and skirt for evening parties to rock with your friends.


4. Be relaxed and stress-free

The pre-wedding celebrations and functions are the stage play before the vital day. Just keep yourself away from stress. Don’t indulge yourself in any situation or activities that may cause anxiety. The best of all costume is your happy face. Let it reflect on your face in front and back of the camera


5. Give a try to highlighting color

Tone down bright shades as it is reflective by nature and cart off the attraction from the face. Try to avoid shades like bright pink, deep red, bright green. Choose pastels shades but keep away from pink tones. Pale yellow or pallid blue turn out well with jeans.

If you are more than slim better to avoid a entirely white outfit. White shirts with dark trouser for men and white blouse or top with dark long skirt with dark jacket goes well together. Even mild patterns and prints distort digital portrait so better to steer clear.


6. Team up with your companion in same print and shades

You can plan a pair of costumes of the same shade or same light print to team up with your companion. If you decided beach as Pre-wedding photoshoot in Chennai, Bangalore location light colour floral printed designer long skirt with broad shoulder short top and short shirt with casual full trouser can boost up your romanticism like real hero heroine in the movie.


7. Go for Back photo shoot

Plan some back photo shoot to break the boredom of the Pre-wedding shoot style. Here you need to plan in advance and selective choosing your outfit with the designer back part. Groom might not have this option of designer back part in their limited attire range.


8. Be classic at your choice

You need to put little effort into stunning outfit ideas for your pre-wedding shoot. Lay all your costumes with accessories on a surface and have a profound look at them. If your glance stick on any particular outfit be sure the same is going to happen in snaps also. Just remove the item from your selection set to avoid more focus on the costume than your face and posture during pre-wedding photo shoot.


9. Classic footwear and accessories

Heavily noticeable accessories won’t add to your beauty. Go simple and pleasant. Grooms, please be mindful of your footwear. This exposes your personality as a man. 


10. Look gorgeous in ethnic Punjabi suit

Punjabi suits for both men and women seem never out of trend. Indoor photoshoot especially with family, can demand a few number of shots in Punjabi outfit and fetch you complement of Best out-fit for pre-wedding shoot.


11. Pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for women:

Pretty white dress, long maxi silhouettes, and lace borders make us remember the beauties of the ’80s. You can go for the classy look of black and white era touch in your pre-wedding shoot to add visual drama. The other attires you can surely add to your pre-wedding Pre-wedding couple shoot outfit  wardrobe are as follows.  


  1. Try a midi with a top in summer pre-wedding shoot.
  2.  Sarees are the best apparel for monsoon pre-wedding shoot.
  3. Look elegant in Anarkali or evening gown 
  4. Go traditional with lehenga.
  5. Little bold with dhoti and crop top.
  6. Comfy cotton kurta with fit-well leggings.
  7. Confident with off-shoulder and cold shoulder top or midi.


12. Pre-wedding photo shoot ideas for men:

Men always prefer stout look and favour a suit that blends well when his partner wears pure Indian traditional saree or gown suit. The recent fashion is  a suit without a tie that may be the choice of the perfectionist would-be groom. 

  1. Simple kurta is the best traditional attire that can highlight the perfect chemistry of love with your partner in simple chiffon saree.
  2. The suit seems never lost its popularity for any traditional events.
  3. Can go with casual wear if you can carry immense personality within.

Printed shirt with formal trousers deserves few snaps in your Pre-wedding couple shoot outfit Ideas.


If you have some Pre-wedding couple shoot outfit Ideas share with us in the comment section. This engagement season if you are looking for reliable team to capture the best moments of your new life with exclusive expertise and artistic talent in the domain YellowRed Photography is your destination wedding photographer.  Contact us  fro Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

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