9 Best Photography Tips For Couple

Photography Tips For Couple

Are you imagining yourself with your partner in a beautiful portrait? Do you want to capture your romantic moments with your beloved in the most amazing locations? No worry! Get photographed like this amorous couple. Get some bonus tips from Yellow red photographers’ team of Wedding photography Bangalore expertise in a couple photoshoot.

To incarcerate the most quixotic photographs and frame some sensational pose the photographer needs full cooperation from the couple. Without the combined effort and involvement the dream moment cannot be successfully photographed in a unique style. We though famous for wedding photography but also expertise and rated fairly well in the search list of Event photographers in Bangalore.

For most of the couples, the photoshoot experience is the very first time. The pre-wedding photoshoot is probably the first hands-on experience for the couple facing professional camera.  With our decades of experience as Candid wedding photographers Bangalore and Hyderabad we bump into many such situation with would be couple. 

If you are looking for best location in Hubli of Bangalore city we will recommend you to have best pre-wedding couple photo shoot experience with YellowRed team in picturesque view point of Nrupatunga hill specially during winter. 

In Hubli of Bangalore you can also find prime photo shoot location in Indira Gandhi Glass house garden, beside the calm environment near Unkal lake. 

Don’t think alone you but many are not comfortable giving a pose. Well, we have some sure shot tips to make this candid photoshoot the best shot for your lifetime. With our years of experience that we gather in our Wedding photographer portfolio. We have discussed several times these tips. Now I decided to document it for easy sharing and access. Our team of wedding photographers in Hyderabad keep experimenting on new styles and looks. They occasionally keep updating us when exploring something new that works successfully. To hold the real treasures of your elite moment in your album take a look:

1. Decide a quiet and beautiful location:

Best location always provides extra footage. If you are planning outdoor shooting away from your place be mindful not to give pose just after traveling. Relax for sometimes, do a touch-up, and discuss with the photographer about the amazing pose they can give to bring out the best. Just avoid crowds nearby.


2. Work on your ideas:

If you have some unique ideas or some dream pose in your mind express them. Never know that could turn out the best pose of your pre-wedding album.


3. Avoid renting wedding gown:

Dressed in your own wedding gown rather than borrowing. Believe me, you will be more comfortable in it than anything else. If you think we are your ultimate destination for wedding photographer after considering our incomparable Wedding photographer portfolio we will be glad to guide both of you for the costume that perfectly go with your elegance match with the surrounding.


4. Hold your partner’s hand:

To pull out great emotion from your facial expression utter a few words of sweet love or crack a grimy joke at the ear of your partner. This will ensure a sweet and charming smile flooded with shyness on your partner’s face. Holding hand symbolize bonding for lifetime.


5. Give some close pose:

If you want to be a little bold, don’t shy.  Just hold your partner’s forehead in your hand touch it with your forehead or lip. Make sure your face must be  towards the camera and try to be as natural as possible.


6. Let the romance rock with music:

We have earned the reputation of the best wedding photography in Bangalore. So have a client from all over the country. Once during the pre-wedding shoot in Hubly of Karnataka. I experience a new strategy to make them more enjoyable. After some photo session the couple played some romantic music to warm-up the background. They danced with the music and turned the atmosphere into a dream situation as if there is no one around to capture them. This added the sauce in the supper, just joking but the environment turned out to be magical.


7. Don’t be in a rush:

If you have a very tight schedule, don’t plan for a photoshoot. It is not the event that can just start to finish anyway. To make awesome and lively it needs emotion, feelings for your partner, and romantic mood. Which is impossible in hurry-burry.


8. Avoid stretch Hummers and buses for the party:

Whatever car you are hiring to reach your location whether for a pre-wedding photoshoot or marriage , avoid cars having company name and phone number print on the body of it. Otherwise, the royal feeling of the event will lose its significance. 


9. Choose window side for lighting and glow in the photo:

A broad spacious room covered with tranquillity can be the best place to bring your mood and give some splendid shot of your life if you are planning an indoor photoshoot. Don’t make a dull wall your background but prefer the window side and shower with sunshine to have a natural glow on the photo.


These are probably not the least but will keep including as we will encounter another awesome trick. We offer Pre-wedding photoshoot in Hyderabad and Bangalore as well as other states of the country.

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