12 Unique Ideas About Best Wedding Couple Poses that will Turn Your Wedding Album into a Memento of Love


A wedding is a lifetime most significant event in our life. Everyone says pairs are the best match in heaven. But how we make it the best memories of our life, it’s in our hand. Live your best moments and capture it forever with the best wedding couple poses.

To frame every ritual starting from the engagement till post-wedding now I am going to share some secrets about the best wedding couple poses that nobody will tell you. You will never believe this bizarre truth the perfect wedding images are not limited to choose the right setting and lighting.


The ultimate revelation of Indian wedding couple photography Tips & Poses

12 postures about best wedding couple poses you must experience once for the lifetime before plump for Indian wedding couple photography.


1. The first look pose

The first look pose

The first look of the couple at each other is a very memorable moment as photography poses for couples throughout their lives. The big moment is uncertain in terms of time. But the charm can be clicked with the gestures of discovering the new bride in her bridal wear and blushing face trying to hide her feeling of affection in her petals like a lip. The groom also expresses his amaze and spellbound appearance at the beauty of her through his eyes and gesture. This photography can be done in the private before the ceremony.


2. Blindfolded by your fiancé

Blindfolded by your fiancé

There is a long-standing custom that the groom will not see the bride in her bridal dress before the marriage. To fancy best photography poses for couples with this tradition the bride can cover the eyes of her beloved one from the back before divulge the big surprise of the day. The opening of the album with this portrait will be a blend of fun with romance.


3. Lying in the grassland

Lying in the grassland

The days of bachelorhood is about to end for the couple going to tie the knot. With this photography poses for couple lying on the grass facing the opposite direction and heads together with a closed eye as if they are lost in the memories of their first meet and dates. The bride can add her sweet touch on the face of her groom. With this snap in your wedding album, you will rejuvenate the memories after a long time while sipping coffee with your life partner on the sofa of your drawing room. Just imagine how romantic!


4. Wide-angle shot

Wide-angle shot

Why not a little dramatic shot in the nature surrounding by beautiful flowers. Depending on the venue of the photoshoot the couple can be taken to outdoor beach photography in nature or can use a floral printed background of wood, field, or sandy desert and clicked the wide-angle shot. To make this more realistic the couple can be instructed to face each other and talk in a relaxed mood. Clicking this from distance giving the natural-looking surrounding equal importance will worth its emotion.  


5. Kiss on the bride’s hand

Kiss on the bride’s hand

I ever wonder if there are any other romantic pose for a couple photography than this where the groom will be on his knee touching the hand of the bride with his lip. The bride will express her affection with a blushing smile on her face. Just imagine the close-up of this pose especially pose for pregnant couples could be the cover page attraction of your wedding album and pregnant days romance album….before revealing many more shots of the eternal love story of the couple.


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6. The shadow of the couple inside the white umbrella

The shadow of the couple inside the white umbrella

This warm gesture speaks volumes about the bonding the pair share among themselves. Including a light shade umbrella as a prop, a great couple photo pose can be created. The couple holding the umbrella towards the camera. Adding a light behind it will create the shadow pose of the couple gazing at each other. The wonderful shot of wedding couple close up photos will be a memento of memorable intimacy. 


7. Use the weather in favor of your photoshoot

Use the weather in favor of your photoshoot
Source: online photo academy 

Summer and spring wedding photoshoot had an advantage of nature’s beauty to add extra glamour. But what about monsoon wedding photoshoot? You can take advantage of using the pit-pat rain to give a wedding photoshoot pose just like your favorite hero and heroine. Shield your spouse with your jacket from the rain and articulate the commitment to protect her forever. This is one of the most perfect shots that are real and go natural with the feelings of the couple.


8. The couple walk

The couple walk

Add some movement posture to the wedding photo gallery. Utilize the urban spaces from surrounds that make good photo background. To get the best from a couple of photoshoot use the nearby beaches, parks, rivers, city-street which having a good view and choose the time when it is less crowded. The twilight effect and the beginning of a new journey of life with each-other reflect when the hand-holding pose is clicked from little distance. To give it candid affect the couple can be lost in their private conversation which brings a natural smile of sweetness.


9. The stare pose in a relaxed mood

The stare pose in a relaxed mood

Couple sitting casually close to each other and gazing is a bit of an intimate pose. Make them feel relax and comfortable for the shot is not a big deal when compared to the awesome snap they are going to be portrait in their wedding photo album. To click their loving expression more fruitfully the couple needs to be engrossed in conversation while the bride leans in close to him.  


10. Forehead kiss to reveal immortal love promise

Forehead kiss to reveal immortal love promise

To clack a fairy-tale-like shot this a great go-to pose. It will also help them loosen up their introversion to face the camera. Like the kiss on the hand, the kiss on the forehead is a charming snap and frees the couple to tap into their love chemistry and considered as great studio photography pose for couples. The groom can wrap his arm around the bride at the rear and kiss her at her temple. The resulting snap portrays the couple gleaming and confident. 


11. Shoulder rest close-up

Shoulder rest close-up

This is a quite natural and realistic posture to capture the bride having her head resting on the shoulder of the groom. Ensure the train is extended behind her for a great Indian bride picture pose. The close-up of the pose will have a fantastic outcome.


12. Photo frame snapshot 

Multiple snaps can be capture from different angles for a vivid look when the couple holding a photo frame in indoor with the vicinity of the vase and some window frame or other structure.

Finally above all wedding pose examples lip-lock gives the ultimate pose. If the couple is comfortable and ready for this awesome sham in very natural expression. 

YellowRed is a group of expert wedding photographers who had photographed grand wedding events in and around Davanagere, Hubli, Belgaum, Gulbarga, Vijayapura, Hosapete, Kolhapur, Bangalore, Hyderabad. The team is appreciated for creating awesome couple photoshoot with amazing poses that revive eternal bonding of love reflect in the best photography poses for couples in their wedding album.

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