Best Candid Wedding Photography

We have mastered the art of candid wedding photography.

Marriage is the lifetime celebration you experience only once in your life and we keep it alive with amazing candid wedding photography to cherish for a lifetime.  It is worth capturing every single valuable moment of a couple’s life. Recently there is a boom of candid wedding photography which is captured by avoiding the aforementioned preparation of the couples. Here’s where the beauty of the art lies in it.  Though this has not replaced the fans for traditional wedding photography but has made a significant place for giving traditional photography new and different hues. As its name suggests it is spontaneous and clicked without staging a scene. That’s why it catches your joy naturally and conveys a sense of realism. 


Candid Wedding Photography

Why have candid wedding photography?

The splendor of this art is that it let the candid photographer capture the movement, activities of the couple, and the family naturally. Such moments are priceless in your memory. They stand the value of time and assure you will look back to these immortal moments with love.



We know how to make candid wedding photography look like a Million Bucks.

You create memories and we capture them in the purest form of photojournalism. Marriage and candid wedding photography have more in common than you think. Our jovial team of professionals is trained and well-groomed in the art of making you feel relaxed and composed around the camera. We believe how the couple will react to the wedding photographer’s presence with the camera depends on 

  •   How conversant the photographer is by nature to mingle with the people around
  •   The approach
  •   And the implementation of the shots

And the rewarding outcome is in the form of best candid wedding photography Ever!

We prioritize wedding photography to get the most out of our service thus successfully executed many such assignments in locations like Hubli, Belgum, Gulbarga, Vijayapura, Hosapete, Davanagere, Kolhapur, Bangalore, Hyderabad.


Our incredible candid wedding photography service and customize wedding photography packages to leave our competition on the dust…

Are you looking for the best wedding photographer in Bangalore (Hyderabad)? There are a fair number of reasons for you to be proud of your decision for choosing our service.

  •   At YellowRed we believe in our candid wedding photography skill but never stop improving.
  •   You can revolutionize your candid wedding photography album with easy-peasy tips from our experts.
  •   We provide candid wedding photography guides during our formal meeting to add value and spice at the same time in your personalized album.
  •   We have mastered the tactics from our intense efforts and years of experience to become pro in candid wedding photography. That’s why we got maximum appreciation and recommendation from our previous happy clients till now.
  •     To bit the competition of the industry we have explored and applied little known ways to make the most out of the endeavour.


Want to have a more appealing candid wedding photography for your celebration?

YellowRed is reputed as one of the best candid wedding photographers in Bangalore who provides you stylish ideas for your candid wedding photography and tips for success in it and envy your friends which you can’t afford to miss. We bet you will fall in love with the candid wedding photographs while rejuvenating your memories after a long while. Explore our portfolio to experience incredible photographs that captured the best romantic mood of the couple on the very special day of their lives.


How much does candid photography cost?

The pricing is customized as per requirements. Every event is unique and there isn’t any exact figure that can be charged. But yes it depends on the factors like the skill and experience of the photographer, size of the event, number of hours you are hiring for, traveling cost, etc. You can expect it’s around 12% of your complete wedding budget.

What is the difference between candid photography and regular photography?

Regular or traditional photography is planned to pose and capture the occasion as they are made up to. Candid photography is shooting the people with their natural reactions to capture their best emotions. It is clicked spontaneously to bring out the feelings of that flash through the portrait.

What must be included in wedding photography packages?

Certain things are obvious and worth including in the candid wedding photography package. These are-

  •       Number of events to be captured
  •       How long the shooting will continue.
  •       Print copies and soft copies delivery time
  •       Travelling and accommodation arrangements for destination wedding photography.

What about wedding photography style?

If your big day is ahead and you are looking to be photographed in a particular style discuss your photography vision with the wedding photographer. If planning for a wedding at a destination then make sure your wedding album contains a good balance of posed, staged as well as candid photography to take the best advantage of the presence of your family and friends in the beautiful location.

How to shoot surprise events without making it obvious?

If you are scheduling a surprise pitch or a flash mob at your event make your photographers aware of it. Otherwise, it might backfire and the photographers miss the spectacular moment.

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