Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Never underestimate the influence of pre wedding photoshoot to make your marriage album vibrant with shades of love

The age-old belief is “Marriages are made in heaven” and pre wedding photoshoot is the genesis of the most colorful event of a couple’s life. Enjoy the romantic moments with your partner before tying the knot. And photographed such auspicious moments, bring the essence of love in the holiest relationship of commitment for a lifetime. Though all its matter is your emotion and feelings when you are going to start your new life together. But something else also matters to add some hue to glamour in your pre wedding photoshoot. The essential factors those can’t be ignored are pre wedding shoot places, Pre wedding costume, props, and above all the expertise of the pre wedding photographers who will click the stances marvelously. Yellowred is the team of the best pre wedding photographer in Bangalore with industry-leading professional expertise and good human skill.


Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Some important factors to check before hiring any pre wedding photographers

Don’t feel overwhelming about choosing the best pre wedding photographer in Bangalore for your celebration. Here some question you can ask to get the clarity before  choose the best 

  • What particular style or a blend of multiple styles the photographer is going to portrait. If you don’t like it you can express your preferred style.
  • Will the snaps are retouched with and  will you be able to see the proofs
  • Confirm how many successful events the pre wedding photographer has covered
  • Does the photographer shoot both digital and film
  • Get a very clear idea of what is included in the pre wedding photoshoot package.
  • How many hours the photographer is going to dedicate to the assignment. Also, make it clear what will be the charge if he is going to engage for a longer time. Does everything included in pre wedding photoshoot cost?
  • Is there any assistant going to be the part of the shoot or any backup photographer going to join.


What so trendy about our pre wedding photoshoot style that everyone went crazy over it

We are glad to announce that our extremely dedicated team has made the pre-wedding photoshoot event a great success in the areas like Hubli, Belgum, Gulbarga, Vijayapura, Hosapete, Davanagere, Kolhapur, Bangalore, Hyderabad. You might be fascinated or skeptical to know why us? Ok fine, let me apprise how we work.


1. Choosy about the equipment:

We don’t compromise with ordinary lenses and equipment. We believe to get assignments for Pre Wedding Shoot in Bangalore is not an easy task. We use longer lenses to capture the heartfelt and sycophantic shots.


2. Always have the transparency through communication with the couple beforehand

Through discussion with the couple before the event we clarify their doubts, give our suggestion by squeezing our decades of experience. Above all, we understand your needs and give priority to your desire. If you are impressed with a particular style we materialize it for you. We also provide you service for destination wedding photography.


3. Quick enough to capture the fleeting moments 

This profession requires being spontaneous. And our team has proven experiences that reflect in our portfolio.


4. Reconnoiter the location for the best experience

Location matters a lot. Background changes the mood of the picture up to a lot extents. Our pre wedding photoshoot ideas are followed successfully by many of the couples and they are happy with the outcome.


5. We know the sycophantic angles that complement your look

Not all the poses make you look great. We adjust according to the natural light and get the best result accordingly.


6. Not always face, but the gallery needs deviation ….and we understand

We capture you whole that complement your pre wedding album and bring variation in the face-centered poses.


7. Acquired the skill to tell your story as a couple through the portrait.


8. We know some easy chatting can break the ice, hold you easy before the camera. 

Not all couples are comfortable facing cameras. We do handholding to make you feel ease and then capture you stress-free. 


9. Finally, we offer beautiful prints

Capture you at the right time, right pose, all is in vain without a clear print of the images. We assure you the clear prints that are so lively that whenever you look at them you feel like living those moments again.


What is the average cost of a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangalore?

Beginners with minimum experience may charge 10,000 to 15,000. Whereas experienced may charge between 25000 to 50000. But certain things may vary the cost like location, several hours, use of props, equipment preference, etc.

Which is the best place for a photoshoot in Bangalore?

The success of Pre-wedding photoshoot is much depending on the proper selection of the venue. Some of the best location in Bangalore for 2020 are:

  • Lalbagh – lush greenery with the perfect milieu.
  • Cubbon park- scenic beauty of greenery
  • Bangalore Kanakpura road- Picturesque lake and garden view
  • Nandi hills- best for a morning shoot
  • Sommer house- the classic photoshoot location
  • Element Resort- a touch of luxury and surrounded greenery
  • ITC Windsor, Manor- Exclusive neo-classical structure

Is pre-wedding photoshoot necessary?

The answer is certainly yes. Pre-wedding photoshoot points the outset of the journey towards the new life with your partner.

How should I dress for a pre-wedding shoot?

Wear some simple that reflects your personality, matches your skin tone, not very loud make-up. Explore the best photoshoot dress for the would-be couple.

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